We offer consultancy services to aid our clients in solving a wide variety of challenges and problems in the areas of mechanical, civil, and building engineering.

Classical mechanics

Classical Mechanics

Tycho's dynamics competence covers numerous branches of classical mechanics, e.g., rigid body dynamics, continuum mechanics, and modal testing/analysis.

FE modeling & analysis

FE Modeling & Analysis

Tycho Technology has a broad experience in Finite Element (FE) modeling and analysis using commercial FE software as well as FE tools developed in-house.

Acoustics engineering

Acoustics Engineering

Our acoustics engineering expertise is currently being applied to building, infrastructure and home-appliances acoustics. We organize large measurement expeditions to analyze sound paths and feed our analytical or numerical models (such as FEM and SEA) with data.

Control system design

Control System Design

Control System Design capabilities include system modeling and simulation, controller design, and tuning, as well as implementation and testing.